Backed by years of professional freelancing experience, we've managed to reach where we are now and have enriched our portfolio ten-fold. We've found our success when we were still with Elance and oDesk, we did various remote collab projects for Microsoft Zune, Electronic Arts, T-Mobile, HughesNet, Bell Canada, and Cricket Wireless.

Today, we venture out to cater the digital needs of startups and SMEs with such dedication and passion to help them grow their business and reserve an exclusive niche for them in the ever-growing digital global market.

We provide the following quality services:
• Web Development & Design
• Mobile App Development
• Software as a Service (SaaS)
• Platform as a Service (PaaS)
• Web Hosting
• Instructional Design
• 3D Animation
• Photo Editing
• Videography & Video Editing
• Audio & Video Transcription

Another thing that sets us apart is our certifications, most remote workers that you could get from aren't good, professionally speaking that is. They simply lack the experience and with zero credentials to back up their qualifications.

And yeah, you've read it right. We pride ourselves with getting certified by industry leaders like Microsoft, Google, Facebook among others.

Here's another and we're letting you in on a lil secret — Remember those closed captions or subtitles in Blu-ray movies you watch? Well, we're just among the selected few that makes `em. And that shows just how big and good we are.

Our team has been freelancing for a long, long time and we know our stuff and we deliver.


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